Jan. 23 – 25: Umeå Global Game Jam (Umeå)

If you love video games end maybe even considered working with them professionally this event is for you!

The main goal of a Game Jam is creating simple video games in teams within the time limit of 48 hours. After that time has passed the games are uploaded on the official GGJ webiste and voted on by the community.

We provide constant access to electricity and Wi-Fi network, free coffee and tea, and comfortable and pleasant environment.

To have an awesome jam we need all sorts of creative people, and that's you! Storytellers, artists, graphic designers, and of course programmers!

If you're interested in participating, please register at:

For more information please go to the event website:


When: January 23 – 25 
Where: Humlab X, Konstnärligt campus, Umeå University