Sweden mulls ticket controls for jihadis

Sweden could introduce controls over airline ticket sales and border crossings as part of a new anti-terror strategy aimed at preventing citizens going abroad to fight for extremist groups.

Sweden mulls ticket controls for jihadis
The war in Syria and Iraq has attracted many young Swedish Muslims. Photo: STRINGER/Scanpix
Interior Minister Anders Ygeman told TT newswire that he expected the new terror strategy to be in place by the summer. 
“The strategy we have now does not take into account the realities of the world we live in,” Ygeman said, explaining that at the time it was developed no one expected Swedes to travel abroad to fight for extremist groups in such numbers. 
“It must include measures to combat radicalisation and recruitment,” Ygeman said. “There is only extremely meagre treatment of this in the present one.” 
Sweden’s present national terror strategy dates back to 2012, long before Isis (also known as the Islamic State of Iraq) and the Levant organisation officially declared an Islamic caliphate across a swathe of Iraq and Syria last June. 
Ygeman said the government planned to assess and possibly add to the powers Swedish security services have to combat Jihadi extremists, potentially bringing new criminal offences into law.