‘No Swedes have been kidnapped in Tanzania’

'No Swedes have been kidnapped in Tanzania'
Three Swedes were thought to have gone missing in Tanzania. Photo: AP Photo/Mosa'ab Elshamy
Rumours that three Swedes have been kidnapped in Tanzania appear to be false, according to the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

“The Foreign Ministry has no information indicating that any Swedish citizens have disappeared in Tanzania,” press office Anna Buhré Kervefors wrote in an email to news wire TT on Tuesday.

Swedish tabloid Expressen reported last week that three Swedes were thought to have gone missing in the east African country, feared kidnapped.

The suspected disappearance was reported to the police in Sweden as well as the Swedish embassy.

“When it comes to missing persons, it's a police matter,” said Anna Ekberg at the ministry press office at the time.

Police in Tanzania said they had been in contact with Swedish police via Interpol, but referred all questions about the three people to Swedish authorities.

However, the Swedish police were unwilling to comment on the case last week.

“We never comment on any kidnappings of Swedes abroad,” said Fredrik Wallén at the national press office.

There is currently no further information about where in Sweden the trio originate from nor what they were doing in Tanzania.

Thousands of tourists travel to the country every year, to visit sites such as Mount Kilimanjaro and famous national park Serengeti.

In their travel guidelines, the Swedish embassy recommends Tanzania as a tourist destination, but warns of large crowds "which can quickly develop into violent protests or riots". It also urges visitors to watch out for traffic, criminality or security threats against western targets.