Green Innovation Contest opens for applicants

Green Innovation Contest opens for applicants
The 2015 Green Innovation Contest has now opened for applications, sparking a new round of innovation. Contestants from all across Sweden can apply. The contest, held by Innovatum, aims to help more innovators succeed in developing their products or services and thus contribute to Sweden's competitiveness.

Sweden's "Innovation Parliament" (Sveriges Innovationsriksdag) took place this week, and the contest opened for applicants at the even.

"It's fun and wonderful that the Innovation Parliament is the stage for the contest the second year in a row," Magnus Lundin, CEO of Swedish Incubators and Science Pars (SISP) said in a statement.

"Close to 300 representatives from Sweden's innovation systems are here, and the Green Innovation Contest is a model example of the innovative collaboration between various organizations."

The contest, which opened officially on April 21, lets innovators from across Sweden apply and present their environmentally innovative ideas on the contest website. It also presents an opportunity for valuable networking.

"The Green Innovation Contest is a competition with both worth and profit for many, including the environment," Jenny Järvela, contest project leader, said.

"The contest supports and creates awareness for sustainable solutions from Sweden, so that these solutions become reality. To participate can give the product or service a push even if it doesn't make it to the final.”

An independent jury consisting of investors, academics, and more will examine the contributions and choose ten finalists. Both private individuals and companies apply. Read about last year's winners.