Security firm red-faced after address miss

Security firm red-faced after address miss
The burglar alarm didn't help much in this case. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix
Thieves targeting a farm in southwestern Sweden were over the weekend left to loot the property in peace after the security firm alerted to the burglary turned up at the wrong address.

A security firm operating in the town of Skara was on Saturday left red-faced after its security guards responded to an alarm by heading to the wrong side of town. Meanwhile, the burglars were left with as much time as they needed to raid the targeted farm, getting away with valuables worth thousands of kronor.

“It’s horrendous. Had the security firm gone to the right address, the thieves wouldn’t have had time to steal so much,” Anders Larsson, the owner of the farm, told local radio station P4 Skaraborg.   

Larsson said the burglars had stolen a four-wheeler, 12 window frames, two doors, and an air-source heat pump.

In the security firm’s defence, however, the farm carries the same name as the one the security firm went to check out, with the targeted farm being located to the north of Skara and the other to the south.