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How to make seasonal Swedish mushroom toast

How to make seasonal Swedish mushroom toast
Mushrooms on toast. Photo: John Duxbury
Swedes love picking wild mushrooms in late summer and autumn. A great way to eat them is fried in butter on toast. Food writer John Duxbury shares his best recipe with The Local.


Serves: 4

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes

Total: 20 minutes


4 slices good quality toasting bread, preferably white sourdough

50 g (2 oz) butter

1 tbsp olive oil

350 g (12 oz) wild mushrooms

½ onion, finely sliced (preferably red)

25 g (1 oz) parsley, finely chopped

salt and freshly ground black pepper

120 ml (½ cup) cream, single or whipping (optional)

1 lemon, juice only

4 tsp salmon or trout roe (optional)


1. Brush the mushrooms clean (try to avoid washing them if possible), roughly chop them and set aside.

2. Heat a frying pan and add half the butter. Trim the crusts off the bread.

3. When the pan is hot, fry the bread on both sides until golden brown. Remove from the pan and keep warm (alternatively, toast the bread).

4. Add the rest of the oil and then the butter to the pan. When the butter has all melted add the onion, salt and pepper and fry for a couple of minutes until they are beginning to soften slightly.

5. Add the mushrooms and fry for five to eight minutes until nicely coloured, stirring from time to time (if the mushrooms produce a lot of water continue heating until all the water evaporates).

6. Add the chopped parsley, then pour in the cream, if using. Continue to stir and cook for another minute. Remove from the heat and add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

7. Divide the mixture between the four slices of toast and top with some roe (optional), freshly ground black pepper and parsley.


– You can use virtually any wild mushrooms for this dish. Chanterelle (girolles) or porcini (called Karl Johan-svamp in Swedish) are the most popular in Sweden.

– You can use dried mushrooms instead of fresh, in which case soak them in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes first and then let them drain thoroughly before using as fresh. 25 g (1 oz) of dried mushrooms will give you the equivalent of about 200 g (7 oz) of fresh mushrooms.

This recipe was originally published on food writer John Duxbury's website Swedish Food.