Swedish hero to lead new The Bridge season

UPDATED: Five weeks before series three of The Bridge gets under way, its writer insists the show "works just fine" without its former main character, Danish policeman Martin Rodhe, as his Swedish counterpart Saga Norén moves into focus.

Swedish hero to lead new The Bridge season
The Bridge characters Saga Noren and Martin Rodhe. Photo: Ola Torkelsson/TT

The long awaited third instalment of The Bridge hits Swedish television screens on September 27th, but it will be missing one half of the Danish-Swedish cop duo that has been the focus Scandinavia's biggest crime show since it launched in 2011.

Copenhagen-born actor Kim Bodnia quit the programme after the second season because he did not like the way his character Martin Rodhe developed. But Sofia Helin, who plays Saga Norén, the unusual autistic Swedish investigator assigned to work alongside him, will return.

The programme previously focused on the duo solving crimes linked to the Öresund bridge, which connects the Danish capital with Malmö in southern Sweden. The two police officers were seen developing a close relationship despite having very different personalities and their interactions formed a huge part of the show.

“When Kim told us he didn’t want to do it any more, it was clear that there was a black hole,” writer Hans Rosenfeldt told Swedish broadcaster SVT this week.

But he insisted that the show would continue to entertain viewers by looking at cultural differences between Danes and Swedes.

“We provide other Danes around Saga, which works just fine, and actually allows us to explore other sides of her,” he said.

However he said that the show’s atmosphere would shift following the exit of the warm-hearted Martin Rodhe and his sometimes sloppy approach to both policing and relationships.

“It will become something completely different this time. This is very much Saga's season, earlier the focus was much more on Martin and his private life.”

The Bridge, which is jointly funded by Danish television network DR as well as SVT became a cult hit across Scandinavia four years ago and also has a strong following in the UK and Germany.

Fans have raised concerns on social media that the third season will not be able to live up to their expectations, due to the departure of Rodhe.

However, a trailer instead gives viewers a glimpse of Danish actor Thure Lindhardt (0:44 mark), known for roles in Danish films like Steppeulvene and Nordkraft as well as appearances in international hits like the Fast and Furious franchise.

Lindhardt will play a character named Henrik and press promos for the third season feature him posing alongside Helin, but Danish broadcaster DR is tight-lipped about just who will fill Bodina’s role as the main Danish character.

Actor Nicolas Bro, known from plenty of Danish television productions, will also join the cast.


The Bridge’s Porsche 911 to be auctioned for charity

The Porsche 911S driven by lead character Saga Norén in hit Danish-Swedish series The Bridge will be sold at auction, with profits going to charity.

The Bridge's Porsche 911 to be auctioned for charity
Saga Norén, played by Sofia Helin, with the 1977 Porsche 911S from The Bridge. Photo: Carolina Romare/Bonhams

With the series having concluded earlier this year, the iconic 1970s sports car is now set to be given a new home, Danish broadcaster DR reports.

The olive green car will be sold at the Bonhams Festival of Speed Sale in Goodwood in the United Kingdom on July 13th, with money raised to be donated to WaterAid, a Swedish NGO which aims for the entire world to have access to clean water by 2030.

Production companies Filmlance International and Nimbus Film, who collaborated with DR and its Swedish counterpart SVT on the series, agreed to give up funds raised from the sale to the cause.

Actor Sofia Helin, who played Saga in the all four seasons of the series, which began in 2011, is an ambassador for the charity.

Helin will be present at the auction of the Porsche in the UK next month.

“Saga’s Porsche is a big part of my life as an actor and is also a part of television history. I’m happy that this iconic car can also be beneficial after The Bridge,” Helin told DR.

Saga Norén's car on the Öresund Bridge. Photo: Jens Juncker/Bonhams

“(The production companies) have been very generous to agree to everything. They’re the ones that own the car, so in theory they could have sold it themselves and kept the money,” she said to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The Nordic Noir series was hugely successful in both Scandinavia and the UK and several other countries have created their own series about police work across borders.

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