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Five fun events to make you laugh in Sweden

Five fun events to make you laugh in Sweden
The circus is coming to town. Photo: Mats Bäcker/Underart/Cirkus Cirkör
Swedes are a surprisingly fun, as well as funny, bunch. Here are five events we hope will put a smile on your face this week as well as our regular interactive calendar of all the top events around Sweden.

1. Lund Comedy Festival

Inspired by Edinburgh's world-famous Fringe humour festival, the old university town of Lund in southern Sweden has lined up a series of international and homegrown stand-up comedian for this year's festival which runs until September 5th.

Some of the top names include US expat Greg Poehler (the man behind hit sitcom 'Welcome to Sweden'), British funnyman Bill Bailey and award-winning comedian Bridget Christie with her tongue-in-cheek feminist show 'An ungrateful woman'. Audiences will also be able to see Malmö-based US performer Steven Karwoski make his Lund stage debut after volunteering at the festival since 2013.

US comedian Greg Poehler. Photo: Nora Lorek/TT

2. Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation, an improvised performance that explores what it is like to be an expat in Sweden is returning to Boulevardteatern in Stockholm for its fifth season. The Local laughed so hard our stomach muscles ached when we checked it out at the start of the year.

The team behind the show have just launched a social media campaign to get US comedy actor Will Ferrell – who is married to a Swede and owns a summer house in Gnesta south of Stockholm – to come to the capital and perform on stage with them. 

3. Cirkus Cirkör

Internationally recognized Swedish circus group Cirkus Cirkör's show 'Underart' is set for Vara in central Sweden on Thursday evening before going on an international tour. In a contemplative, yet surprisingly humourous way, it tells the story of the director himself – Olle Strandberg – and his way back to the circus stage after breaking his neck in a four-metre fall nine years ago.

Told through music and movement, the performance, which has received rave reviews, mixes comedy and tragedy in typical Swedish melancholic spirit. Cirkus Cirkör describes the acrobatic show on its website: “Inspired by their own and each other's crash landings the artists find new, joyful and unexpected ways to explore failure.”

If you're based in Stockholm, don't forget to snap up tickets for one of the group's other shows, 'Wear it Like a Crown', at Södra Teatern which opened on September 2nd.

4. The Color Run

A rainbow of colours is set to explode in the central Swedish town of Gothenburg on September 5th, when thousands of runners hit the street to take part in The Color Run. Known as the “happiest five kilometre race on the planet”, the technicolour race started in the United States in 2011 and has travelled around the world since, with more than a hundred global events and a million participants last year.

The Color Run is not timed and there are only two rules: you must wear white when you turn up at the starting line and not be afraid to have your outfit ruined, as colour powder paint is thrown at participants as they run past. It's a great opportunity to giggle at how ridiculous you and your friends look after the race. The event will also head to Stockholm next week. 

The Color Run in Lund. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

5. Trainwreck

Director Judd Apatow's romantic comedy 'Trainwreck' is still showing in Swedish cinemas this week. Starring the hilarious Amy Schumer (who wrote the script) and Bill Hader the film tells the story of a city-dwelling romantic misfit who just can't seem to get it together.

Schumer – who performed at Stockholm's Comedy Festival all the way back in 2010 – and her brand of modern feminist comedy has been a huge hit in Sweden. To find out what everyone is talking about, just check the listings at your nearest cinema

Actress Amy Schumer. Photo: Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP

Looking for more things to do in Sweden? Check out our interactive guide below.





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