Forecasters predict sunny ‘super weekend’

Meteorologists are advising Swedes to dig out their sunglasses as mild, sunny autumn weather spreads across much of the country this weekend.

Forecasters predict sunny 'super weekend'
An autumn day in northern Sweden. Photo: Niclas Vestefjall/Image Bank Sweden

While large parts of Sweden have spent much of this week drenched in rain and covered in clouds, the weather is expected to clear up on Saturday and Sunday, following a wet Friday evening in many places.

“Almost all of Sweden is getting the better weather,” Miguel Portal, a meteorologist for Swedish weather forecaster SMHI told the TT news agency.

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High pressure is set to arrive on Saturday, he added, with the southern half of the country predicted to enjoy pleasant temperatures of around 14 to 15C, above average for this time of year.

By Sunday, it could even warm up to 16C in the south or 13C in the north, according to forecasters.

“There are only a few rain showers passing in the north of Sweden, otherwise it will be clear or semi-clear,” said Portal.

Swedish media on Thursday and Friday got rather excited about the expected surge of sunshine. Tabloid Expressen dubbed the weekend ‘superhelg’ (‘super weekend’), while the TT newswire rushed to remind Swedes that the warm weather presented a “golden opportunity for mushroom picking and beautiful autumn walks”.