Swede warms hearts with flashmob movie proposal

UPDATED: A Swedish children's TV presenter left his girlfriend speechless when he asked her to marry him by organizing an electrifying flashmob to the tune of a famous Grease hit.

Caroline Persson quickly nodded 'yes' after Alex Hermansson, famous from a very different viral video teaching children about menstruation, popped the question.

He asked his sweetheart to marry him after acting out John Travolta and Olivia Newton John's 'You're The One That I Want' in Malmö's main square together with a team of more than a dozen dancers.

A video of the proposal shows Persson walking through the city, believing she is on her way to a family lunch, when suddenly she finds herself stopped by a couple of strangers and asked to sit on a chair.

Playing along, she laughs and claps her hands when the performance from hit musical Grease begins. But when the music ends, stunned witnesses watch as she gets the shock of a lifetime, when one of the dancers – Hermansson – pulls off his mask and drops to one knee.

“I haven't been completely honest with you today. I hope you can forgive me for that,” he first says cheekily.

“But what I'm about to say is no lie, Caroline. I love you so, so much. And I want to choose you every day for the rest of my life. So I have a question for you: Would you marry me?”

Persson, who first met Hermansson in church in spring 2014, then bursts into tears before saying yes and throwing herself into his arms – to the delight of crowds applauding the happy couple.

Although the stunt took his future wife by surprise, Hermansson, who is one of the hosts for Swedish television channel Barnkanalen, revealed that he planned the surprise for two months, hiding props in drawers at home and coming up with excuses for leaving the house to go to dance practice.

“I was constantly nervous and tense (…) so it has been taking up a lot of energy. I spent the whole period being pretty tired and then afterwards the pressure sort of relaxed and I hit my personal best in being exhausted and happy at the same time,” the smiling host told The Local after the video went viral in Sweden on Monday, spreading love across the country with around 25,000 views on YouTube by noon.

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While Scandinavians are not generally known for extravagant public displays of emotion, Hermansson's gesture is not the first proposal to go viral in Sweden this year. In July The Local spoke to a man who warmed hearts when he planted 90 flowers spelling out 'marry me' for his future wife. 

And Hermansson urges other lovebirds not to shy away from making their marriage proposal a big occasion if they think it might just win them the heart of their special someone.

“The way you propose should be 100 percent personal and individual, I think you should take into account what the girl likes. Some girls would have said 'no' in panic just because it's too much pressure and attention in public situations like that,” he said.

“But if you know that the girl would like it then yes! I think all people have so many good and fun ideas that they don't think they would manage to put into action, but I really want to encourage them to go for it.”