Two dead in mystery Swedish village fire

Two dead in mystery Swedish village fire
Emergency services at the scene on Monday night. Photo: Johan Nilsson
UPDATED: Police in southern Sweden are investigating a fire at a house in the village of Kågeröd that left two people dead on Monday night.

Emergency services said they found two bodies inside the large house after they were called out to the property in Kågeröd in Skåne at around 9pm.

Jimmy Modin, a communications officer, told the TT news agency: “They were pronounced dead on the spot and have yet to be idenfitied.”

According to the newswire, neighbours raised the alarm after spotting flames and smoke bursting out of a window.

Emergency response teams from three local municipalities took part in the operation to put out the fire, which destroyed the building. 

Emergency services at the scene. Photo:  Johan Nilsson

The blaze also damaged a neighbouring property.

“It is filled with smoke, but there is no fire damage,” Lennart Linderos, a firefighter, told regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Police said the cause of the fire was still being investigated. 

Situated on the edge of a forest, Kågeröd village is home to just 1,500 residents. 

It is just a kilometre away from Knutstorp, one of Sweden’s most famous race tracks.