Accent with bizarre ‘yes’ is ‘sexiest in Sweden’

Accent with bizarre 'yes' is 'sexiest in Sweden'
Just breathe in if you mean yes. Photo: Mö
Their word for ‘yes’ is limited to a pursing of the lips and a slight intake of breath, but according to a new survey Norrlanders have the sexiest accent in Sweden.
Of the 4,878 users of the Swedish dating site Mö who answered the question, “which is the sexiest accent?”,  22 percent felt that the Norrland accent, with its unusual vowel sounds, slow delivery and colourful turns of phrase, was the most likely to get them hot under the collar. 
“Norrländska is a down-to-earth but at the same time charming dialect. It seems reliable and safe. I’m not surprised,” Emma Edespong, head of marketing for Mötesplatsen said.
The news will go down well with famous Norrlanders, such as Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven.
Taking only the female respondents, the slightly Norwegian-sounding Gothenburg accent came out tops. 
The county of Halland in southern Sweden was generally considered as producing least attractive accent in the country, with only 2 percent of respondents saying they found it sexy. 
1. Norrländska (22%)
2. Göteborgska och Värmländska (18%)
3. Skånska (12%)
4. Gotländska (10%)
5. Dalmål (9%)
6. Småländska (6%)
7. Västgötska (3%)
8. Halländska (2%)
The Local has long been a fan of the Norrland accent and in 2014 travelled to Umeå, the biggest city in Norrland to investigate what could well be the most unusual sound in the Swedish language.