What is the best chat-up line to hook a Swede?

The road to a Swedish heart would seem to go via the stomach, according to an online survey from dating website, Mö

What is the best chat-up line to hook a Swede?
Looking for love this winter? Try one of these chat-up lines. Photo: Pixabay

The next time you’re looking for romance you’d do well to make sure your fridge is stocked before setting out, because more than one-in-five singles said that, “What do you want for breakfast in the morning?” was the best chat-up line they’d heard.

The Swedes, as practical as ever, want to ensure they won’t go hungry in the morning after a romantic night out on the town, according to the survey.

The second most-favoured chat-up line listed was “Can I get directions to your heart?”

However, old dependables such as “I wonder what our children will look like,” which picked up just 2% of the vote, are no longer guaranteed to do the business.

The full results of the survey, in which 3940 people voted, are below:

1. “What do you want for breakfast in the morning?” (22%)

2. “Can I get directions to your heart?” (21%)

3. “I can swim but in your eyes I drown.” (17%)

4. “I have lost my phone number, can I get yours?” (13%)

5. “You look just like my future girl-/boyfriend …” (8%)

5. “What is the best thing about being so beautiful?” (8%)

7. “You are so sweet that I get cavities in the teeth.” (5%)

8. “Everything ok? The fall from the sky is a long fall.” (4%)

9. “I wonder what our children will look like.” (2%)



Swedish police remove sculpture mistaken for suicide victim

Police on the island of Gotland removed a public sculpture from the Galgberget nature reserve near Visby on the grounds that it is just too creepy.

Swedish police remove sculpture mistaken for suicide victim
The gallows at Galgeberget. Photo: Artifex/WikiCommons
According to local news site Hela Gotland, someone was out for a stroll on Galgeberget (the Gallows Hill) on Wednesday when they saw what they thought was a body hanging after a suicide. Local police were contacted but when they went to investigate they instead found a sculpture by artist Jessica Lundeberg. 
The artwork, entitled ‘The Watcher in the Woods’, is a partially transparent plate sculpture that looks like a spooky little girl. 
Despite discovering that the suspected suicide victim was actually artwork, police determined that Lundeberg’s piece could scare others and thus took the sculpture down. 
“It was decided that if it were to remain, more people would likely be frightened in the same way,” Gotland police spokesman Ayman Aboulaich told Radio P4 Gotland. 
Lundeberg told Hela Gotland that the sculpture has been at Galgeberget since a public art project last summer and that this was the first time it had caused any concern. She said ‘The Watcher in the Woods’ was the only piece that was allowed to remain after the end of the project. But now it is there no more. 
Lundeberg has taken the sculpture back to her studio. While she hopes it will eventually return to Galgeberget, the artist told Hela Gotland it seems unlikely.  
She said that the sculpture was damaged by police. 
“It was ragged, dismantled and broken. I was horrified when I saw it,” she said. 
Police have reportedly promised to pay any necessary repair costs.
Although the person who reported the sculpture to the police has not spoken with the media, their jump to conclusions could perhaps be attributed to the nature reserve’s macabre history. Galgeberget is still home to gallows that were used to hang criminals for centuries. The last execution to be held at the site was in 1845, according to Hela Gotland