Feb 4: SNEC Day 2016


The SNEC-day is our annual convention where society, business and academia meet to discuss a topical theme. This time SNEC Day will discuss the hottest issue in the national energy community:consequences of an early decommissioning of Swedish nuclear reactors
The Swedish energy system is to a large extent based on nuclear power. A normal year, more than 40% of the electricity is generated in the three nuclear power plants, with in total 10 reactors. During 2015, the plant owners have decided to close down four reactors earlier than previously announced. Ringhals 1 and 2 will be taken out of operation in 2020 and 2019, respectively. Oskarshamn 1 will be closed in the timespan 2017-2020 and Oskarshamn 2 that currently is out of operation due to large investments will not be restarted. The total power generated in these four reactors are around 15 TWh annually, as a mean over the last five years. 

This early decommissioning will have consequences for the electricity and power system and at this years’ SNEC-day we will try to shed some more light over these. The afternoon session will be devoted to the consequences that the new time plan for decommissioning could have on nuclear related R&D. How can decommissioning be turned into development? 

When: February 4, 2016
Last day of registration: January 21, 2016
Where: Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers campus Johanneberg 



About the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Centre (SNEC)

SNEC aims to promote and initiate multi-disciplinary research in nuclear technology, radiopharmaceuticals, non-destructive testing and other relevant disciplines. SNEC is a natural point of contact between academia, with its researchers and students, and community stakeholders, such as industry, other businesses, government agencies and others. SNEC wants to take part in public discourse and there account for a neutral and objective voice on nuclear-related issues. We strive to be the Chalmers natural center for radiation safety.

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