104-year-old Swede given kindergarten place

Four years after celebrating her centenary, a woman in a town in western Sweden has been offered a place in the local kindergarten.

104-year-old Swede given kindergarten place
A child and a member of staff at Sunnanängs Nursery school in Unnaryd where Mrs Bergström lives. Photo: Hyllte Kommun
“It's fantastic! I must be the only 104-year-old in Hylte to be offered a place in a creche,” local paper Hallands Nyheter quoted Maja Bergstrom as saying.
Her amused response came after the local authorities wrote to her daughter Birgitta, 78, who was wrongly thought to be the mother of a tot rather than the daughter of a centenarian.
“It was addressed to the care-giver of Maja Bergstrom,” Birgitta told The Local. “We joked about it and said that we needed to buy children's clothes and so on.”    
Stigert Pettersson, the official in charge of local school registrations, explained that letters should have gone out offering places in the local creche for children born in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
“Apparently, the computer made a mistake and people born 100 years earlier were contacted. It's embarrassing — but also a little charming,” said Pettersson.
Swedish nursery schools admit children aged between the ages of one and six prior to the entry to elementary school.