The top reactions to Swedish high heels handyman video

The top reactions to Swedish high heels handyman video
Andersson was in agony after a day of laying floors in high heels. Photo: Emil Andersson
The Swedish handyman behind the high heel challenge video that went viral has told The Local that the reaction to his clip has been beyond his wildest dreams.

Earlier this week Emil Andersson decided to wear a pair of high heels to his job for the day while laying floors in a fourth floor apartment, in a protest against the stereotypical image of the ideal woman.

The response to The Local’s English language version of the video has been huge, with hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook as well as thousands of likes within only two days of it being uploaded.

“It’s been crazy how much attention it has got. It’s been really fun,” Andersson told The Local.

And with so much international attention, the mastermind said he has more than achieved what he set out to do when he made the clip.

“Obviously I hoped it could maybe spread, but I never could have dreamed that it would end up like this,” he said. “It’s fantastic. I did it as a sort of fun, interesting clip, but also as quite an important statement.”

The success of the video has given Andersson food for thought over what kind of challenge he could come up with next.

“I’ve not planned my next thing yet because everything has gone so quickly,” he laughed. “I was going to go down the same road as I had before – I’ll release one of my normal videos on my Youtube channel today – but clearly it’s interesting to do more clips like the high heel challenge considering the attention it got. Definitely.”

As for what The Local’s readers thought about the English version of the video, you can check out a selection of their Facebook comments in response to the clip below.