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Sweden fans: We want frozen cod and meatballs in France

Brits may be famous for their reluctance to try foreign cuisine, but it seems Swedes are also a cautious bunch. A mammoth order of Swedish food, filled with meat and treats is now on its way to a Euro 2016 fan camp in the south of France.

Sweden fans: We want frozen cod and meatballs in France
When in France, eat Swedish meatballs. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

Around 5000 supporters of Zlatan and co will lodge at an apartment complex near Nice that has been hired out by Camp Sweden for the coming fortnight.

In order to cater for them, some 150,000 portions of food have been prepared by Swedish wholesaler Hyllinge Cash, with the pallets setting off from the south of Sweden to France last Tuesday afternoon.

“It will be home comforts. Hamburgers, stuff like that. I’m not sure if there will be anything French on the menu,” Hyllinge kitchen manager Patrik Christophersen told The Local.

Along with burgers, the supporters group is also bringing in frozen cod, lasagne, mayonnaise and even pulled pork, with the final product becoming a major trend in Sweden in recent years. 

It seems the famously health-conscious Swedes have a sweet tooth too. One figure that stands out is the 39,744 milk chocolate cookies from Swedish chocolate brand Marabou included in the delivery.

According to the Hyllinge Cash, the order was placed in an effort to ensure that supporters have enough sustenance for the entirety of the European Championships group stage. Sweden’s Group E matches will run between the 13th and 22nd of June.

“As I understand it’s about ensuring the right volume of food is available, because it’s a huge quantity required,” Christophersen explained. “I’m sure there are supporters that like French food. French cuisine is very famous, but there will be something for everyone there.”

Swedish meatballs are one home comfort in the load that’s expected to go down particularly well. As for whether more food will eventually be needed, Christophersen said he is optimistic about Sweden’s hopes of progressing to the knockout round of the Euros.

“I have no idea at the moment if more food will be ordered unfortunately, but I believe Sweden will get out of the group. I think they can do it. It would be amazing if they can.”