Two percent of Swedish bosses view Brexit as positive

Two percent of Swedish bosses view Brexit as positive
A new survey shows Swedish business bosses are fretting over Brexit. Photo: Paul Lloyd/FLickr
Eight out of ten Swedish business leaders believe that Britain leaving the EU would have negative consequences for industry in Sweden, a new survey shows.

The Ipsos poll carried out by newspaper Dagens Industri between May 24th and June 16th involved 1,546 business bosses, and recorded the opinions of chairmen, CEOs, finance and marketing managers from companies with a yearly turnover of ten million kronor ($1.21 million) and upwards.

Eighty-three percent of those that responded said the consequences of Britain leaving the EU would be negative for Swedish industry, while only two percent said they believed Brexit would be positive. Fifteen percent meanwhile were unsure, or believe it would have no impact.

“I think a withdrawal would have far-reaching consequences for the UK, for Sweden as a trade partner, and for London’s role as a world financial centre,” Investor chairman Jacob Wallenberg told Dagens Industri.

The survey showed that Sweden's trade sector is especially concerned about a Leave vote on June 23rd.