Watch this hilarious Swedish take on Brexit

Watch this hilarious Swedish take on Brexit
A screenshot from the video. Photo: Schack på Schemat
A Swedish comedy group has published a video showing a rather unusual take on the aftermath of the Brexit referendum... and British regional stereotypes.

Brexit is, of course, a serious issue.

But there is no political event so serious that Swedes will stop themselves from poking fun at it. So to all our British – and in particular English – readers, prepare for some lighthearted, and affectionate, mocking.

An interview with one of the Swedes behind this video, Daniel Nord of comedy group 'Schack på schemat' follows below. Watch the clip first.

The video, starring Daniel Nord and Christoffer Arehorn and edited by Rick-y.

“We have previously worked on a sketch about two Brits who are constantly arguing. We have this picture of Englishmen – it's unclear how true it is – as being a very proud but at the same time divided people, not least because of class differences,” Nord told The Local just hours after posting the video online.

If you're on a crowded bus or in a quiet office at work and not in a position to watch the clip right now, it shows two English people arguing about the Brexit aftermath – a Londoner and a Geordie from Newcastle.

“Listen, regarding Brexit,” says the Londoner, player by Nord himself.

“Whatever happened, happened. What's important now for England is that we remember the many things we actually agree on. (…) Just think about the many things that tie us together.”

As it turns out, not that many things tie them together. If the Londoner prefers lager, the Geordie wants ale. PG Tips tea? Nah, Yorkshire tea fer me, mate. What about television then? The Office? Nope, Little Britain.

But before any Brits are offended, Nord promises that it should all be taken as a sign of affection.

“Some of us are a little anglophile and Christoffer [Arehorn] who plays “the northerner” has lived in London. For me, the best humour is British. With this sketch, we also tried to embrace that kind of humour. It could be seen as a tribute,” he told The Local on Friday.

The group, which was formed in Stockholm in 2015, has already gone viral in Sweden several times with some of their previous work. And they hope this clip could introduce them to an international audience.

“[The video] has currently only been up for a few hours, but is already being shared by our Swedish followers. We are very curious to see how it is received in England. Perhaps we can manage to unite the English if they collectively feel that the Swedes should be quiet. At least then we will have done something good,” joked Nord.

England voted to leave the EU in the UK-wide Brexit referendum in June. Scotland and Northern Ireland both wished to stay in, which may be why they avoided being made fun of this time. But Wales, watch out.