Swede films spectacular Northern Lights show

Swede films spectacular Northern Lights show
The Northern Lights in Sweden. Photo: Markus Eriksson
A Swede has captured what may be the first Northern Lights of the season in this stunning video.

Markus Eriksson from Lycksele in northern Sweden filmed the dazzling spectacle lighting up Scandinavian skies in the early hours of Wednesday.

“According to the forecast, there was going to be a 20 minute burst just before 1am, but it lasted longer than that. The sun is still interfering, but because it was so powerful I got great pictures and film,” he told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

Seeing the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, is for many a jaw-dropping and mystical moment. Although they are at their most frequent from late autumn to early spring, they can be spotted as soon as the sun begins to set on the bright northern Swedish summer skies.

“As soon as it gets dark and clear outside, you can take pictures of the Northern Lights. And it's nicer to take pictures in a t-shirt than when it's -30C, that's what I think at least,” said Eriksson.

The phenomenon has been described as nature's own disco, and tourism based around the natural light show is increasing in Sweden.

It is usually best seen before midnight with the most intense part typically lasting less than ten minutes.

Stay tuned, The Local's got an interview coming up on Monday with a talented American Northern Lights photographer who relocated to Abisko, northern Sweden, to pursue his dream.