World’s best-ever goal celebration or epic fail?

World's best-ever goal celebration or epic fail?
Screenshot from video by Ettan Play.
A Swedish footballer has become somewhat of an international celebrity after he scored his career's first hat-trick and got so excited his scenes of jubilation got him sent off the pitch.

Medi Dresevic, a defender for Swedish third-tier club Norrby IF, scored three goals during the match against Tvååkers IF which sent his team into the qualifiers for the second tier.

But, important though they were, it was not the goals that made the 24-year-old into Sweden's newest viral sensation. No, it was this video published by the club online:

After scoring the third goal, Dresevic got so ecstatic that he ran to the side of the pitch, clambered over to the stands and sat down to vigorously applaud his own performance.

We've all had that feeling, but Dresevic was brought down to earth rather quickly and brutally.

He was promptly given a yellow card by referee Alexander Pavlovic which, because the defender had received another warning earlier in the match, resulted in him being sent off the pitch.

“I wasn't thinking at all, really. It was a spontaneous reaction. It's not often a defender scores three goals. I didn't know what to do, but then I remembered I had seen on YouTube how a guy celebrated like that. So I ended up in the stands clapping myself,” Dresevic told broadcaster SVT.

The footballer will now have to sit out Norrby's next match against Höllviken. But with what in the end was a 6-1 win against Tvååker, their chances are not looking too shabby.