Watch this fox steal the ball right in front of Swedish golfer

Watch this fox steal the ball right in front of Swedish golfer
Look at him, just waiting to strike. Photo: Anders Noaksson
Golf players are used to the possibility of losing their balls, but this is an unusual one – Anders Noaksson has found a sly fox to be stealing his golf balls at his local course in Karlstad.

Speaking to The Local, Noaksson said: “The first time was this Tuesday, on hole number five. I hit a drive and I didn’t see the ball land but I guessed where it would be, and when I hit the ball I also saw that the fox was in that area.”

“When I got up there I couldn’t find my ball so I went looking for it and couldn’t see it anywhere. I thought to myself ‘Hey, maybe the fox took it.’ Later on that day at hole number 16 I hit two balls. I saw the fox come out of the woods and take both of them!”

Noaksson said that the second time he saw him he was rather angry with the fox, so he took his golf club and went after him. “I had the club for protection if it were to attack, but I didn’t see him.”

The following day he had his girlfriend, Marie, with him. At hole number five, the scene of the first run-in, he said to her: “Let’s see if the fox takes this one too!”

And alas, no sooner had the ball landed on the green did the fox speed out of the woods and snatch it.

“When we got up to the green, we could see him sitting in the woods, so I said to my girlfriend, “I’m going to put a ball here and see if he comes out and takes it.” It was then that Noaksson managed to capture his footage of the fox taking the balls, which was first reported by regional newspaper Värmlands Folkblad.

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Asked how many balls he thinks the alleged thief has managed to get his paws on to date, Noaksson commented: “I have no idea, but I’ve met someone else from the course who’s said he’s taken four balls from him, and I also heard from the golf club that there have been several other episodes like this, so I don’t know, but it must be quite a lot now!”

On the first day the fox came as close as five metres to Noaksson, but despite the latter being weary of an attack, he told The Local that the fox wasn’t scared at all.

Noaksson hasn’t seen the fox since Wednesday, and wonders jokingly if someone has had enough of its antics and got rid of him. Nonetheless, he says he won’t be using his good golf balls around those holes for a while to come. 

The Local was not able to reach the fox for a comment.

Article written by The Local's intern Jack Schofield.