Two brothers dead in Gothenburg shooting

Two brothers dead in Gothenburg shooting
Police at the scene of the shooting in Gothenburg. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT
Police investigating a double murder in Gothenburg say that two brothers including a 16-year-old were the victims of the shooting.

Police were alerted to the shooting in the Västra Frölunda area of the West Coast city at 8.30pm on Monday. A resident in the area told the GT tabloid that they had heard around 20 gunshots.

“One person was found dead on the scene and the other was taken to hospital where he was declared dead,” police spokesperson Stefan Gustafsson told the TT news agency.

“It is a so-called double murder.”

In an update on Tuesday afternoon, police revealed that the victims were brothers aged 16 and 20 and that they had a connection to the local area.

No suspects had been arrested as of Tuesday evening. Witnesses described that two people left the scene on a moped, but police said they had not yet established if it was related to the shooting.

The shooting comes just days after another man was killed in Lövgärdet, Gothenburg, an area that has seen several incidents related to gang violence in the past few years. Officers said at the time that the victim himself was not a member of a gang, but he was previously known to police.

Police did not immediately link the incidents, and did not say if Monday's shooting was related to gang crime, but they both form part of a wave of violence in Sweden's second-biggest city. Gothenburg has seen at least 21 fatal shootings in six years, according to local newspaper Göteborgs Posten.

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