These dogs had a Christmas julbord and it was the cutest thing ever

These dogs had a Christmas julbord and it was the cutest thing ever
We're trying very hard to avoid using the phrase 'a dog's dinner'. Photo: Mimmis Hunddagis
Just wait and see what happens when they get to dig in.

Swedes traditionally gather on and before Christmas to eat a julbord, a huge table full of Christmassy goodness including meatballs, sausages, liver pates and much more. Read our idiot's guide to it here.

And who says man's best friend should be left out?

Anna Waldenström certainly doesn't. She is the co-owner of Mimmis Hunddagis, a dog day care centre in Stockholm suburb Bromma, and has kindly shared her pictures of their annual Christmas celebrations.

“It's the 19th year in a row. It started out fairly small with one dog in a Santa hat and has now escalated to the dogs' happening of the year,” she tells The Local.

“They are so excited, and they sense several days before what's going on, especially when we start to prepare the julbord the day before and the smell spreads in the day care centre – their eyes almost pop out!”

We're told they don't mind their outfits, and with a reward like this, who would?

This dog just can't believe his luck:

A sausage dog next to the sausages:

Liver pate? That's what this pug calls a Merry Christmas:

What do you mean I have to wait until Christmas to open my presents?

To save you the hassle of having to scroll up to look at this one again:

All photos: Mimmis Hunddagis