Swede buys eggs from supermarket, hatches chick

Swede buys eggs from supermarket, hatches chick
The packet of eggs (left) from which Coop Olle (right) was hatched. Photo: Agneta Linge
Ever ponder as a child whether there was a chick inside a packet of eggs bought from the supermarket, only for your parents to explain to you that it couldn't happen?

Well, a Swede has just proven that it can, after successfully hatching a chick from a six-pack of eggs bought at convenience store Coop.

Agneta Linge from Rånäs just north of Stockholm got the idea from a Facebook page which explained how to spot a fertilized egg. Three weeks later…

“I saw a Facebook site called ‘people who have hatched shop eggs’ and I couldn’t help but try. I went to Coop and bought a six-pack of eggs which I put into an incubator machine. After 21 days, Olle appeared,” Linge told The Local.

Olle, or to give him his full title, Coop Olle, was still a surprise arrival the Swede admits. At the moment she isn’t entirely sure whether the chick is a she or a he, but whatever the gender, it’s living the good life with two new friends added for company.

“He’s called Coop Olle for now but we don’t know if it’s a hen or a rooster, we’ll find out down the line. He’s having a good time at the moment: because he was lonely we went to a farm and bought two chicks so he could have some company. All three live in a cardboard box with food and warmth now,” the amateur egg-hatcher explained.

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Linge insisted that anyone uneasy about eating eggs after hearing the story shouldn’t worry:

“There won’t be a chicken inside if it doesn’t sit under a hen or an incubator!”

Coop Olle even has his (or her?) own Facebook page. Photo: Agneta Linge

And after success at the first attempt, the hope is to follow Olle up with an additional friend.

“I have some new eggs sitting in the machine – a pack from (fellow supermarket chains) Willys and Ica – they’re fertilized, so we’ll find out what happens in a few weeks,” she concluded.