Plane evacuated in Stockholm after engine catches fire

Plane evacuated in Stockholm after engine catches fire
A file photo of one of BRA’s Saab 2000 aircraft. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
The engine of an airplane at Stockholm’s Bromma airport caught fire on Thursday evening, leading to its takeoff being cancelled and the passengers evacuated.

The incident occurred just after 7pm when Swedish airline BRA’s Saab 2000 plane was taxiing to the runway and about to take off.

“As the pilots were starting up the plane a flame emerged from one of the engines,” BRA’s communications head Emma Sandsjö explained to news agency TT.

“We have had incidents where smoke was produced before. But I’ve no idea how common this is,” she added.

The captain aborted the takeoff and passengers were removed from the plane. Sweden’s aeronautical rescue centre (Flygräddningscentralen) said the situation was considered to be quickly under control and not an emergency, Expressen reports.

It is still unclear what caused the fire. The airline’s engineers have studied the plane but further investigation is required.

Captains always makes a visual inspection of the aircraft before each flight, and in this instance could not see anything noteworthy, according to BRA's Sandsjö.

All of the passengers were eventually sent to their final destination of Umeå on another plane. They were also offered counselling if necessary.