Green Sweden to get its first energy self-sufficient village

A village in southern Sweden is set to become the first energy self-sufficient settlement in the country thanks to a trial of a new local energy system.

Green Sweden to get its first energy self-sufficient village
The wind and solar station in Simris, Sweden. Photo: Eon

Simris, near seaside town Simrishamn in the Skåne region, will be the location for Sweden’s first local energy system based entirely on renewable energy.

A combination of wind power and solar cells already present in the area will be added to with a battery and renewable-powered reserve generator provided by energy company Eon.

The system will serve around 160 households and businesses in the area, making it carbon neutral in its energy use during a trial period.

“The battery will be charged by wind and solar energy. In principle you could also disconnect from the national grid,” Eon communications head Johan Aspegren told public broadcaster SVT.

The system is expected to be up and running by the spring, and is planned to last for three years before it is then further evaluated.

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