Handbags at dawn! Smash-and-grab heist on Chanel store

Handbags at dawn! Smash-and-grab heist on Chanel store
The would-be thieves left the tractor behind. Photo: Filip Båvenholm
Around half a dozen burglars rammed a wheel loader into a Chanel store in central Stockholm in an attempted smash-and-grab raid at dawn, but apparently failed to make off with anything.

Witnesses alerted police to the ongoing break-in at the store on Birger Jarlsgatan, a street lined with luxury boutiques, in Stockholm's Norrmalm district, in the early hours of Tuesday.

“We were alerted to it at 4.43am, that they were trying to get through the window with some kind of wheel loader,” a police control room officer told the Expressen tabloid.

Police were called to the scene at 4.43am. Photo: Daniel Brace/Braceiller Productions

But despite their efforts, the would-be thieves did not appear to have taken anything.

“I don't know exactly how far they got but a witness said they did not get through. We found the same thing when we got to the scene. The damages were most likely such that it was not possible to gain access to the premises,” police officer Mikael Pettersson said.

They made their getaway in a dark car, according to witnesses, before police got to the scene, leaving the heavy machinery behind. The Local reader Daniel Brace, who sent in some of the pictures in the article, said it was still there at around 9.30am. 

It is the latest in a series of break-ins at luxury stores in Stockholm this month. Expressen reports that police are investigating if they could be linked.

The thieves did not appear to have taken anything from the store. Photo: Daniel Brace/Braceiller Productions