Surely the spring weather can’t get much worse? Sweden: Hold my beer

Surely the spring weather can't get much worse? Sweden: Hold my beer
Snow in Sweden earlier in April. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
The surprise return of winter to Sweden was expected to continue on Tuesday, with forecasters warning that up to 20 centimetres of snow could fall on the east coast north of Stockholm.

National weather agency SMHI issued a class-two alert (on a scale from one to three) for the Gävleborg region, warning of 10-15 centimetres of wet snow and 20 centimetres in some areas.

“There's a risk that the roads will be slippery. It's good to take it easy on a day like this,” SMHI meteorologist Sandra Andersson told Swedish news agency TT.

More than 1,000 people were left without power in area around Bollnäs as a result of five separate blackouts caused by the heavy snowfall late on Monday, reported electricity provider Ellevio.

Traffic authorities warned people not to travel by night in the Värmland and Gävleborg regions. By now most Swedes in the area will have changed their cars' winter tyres adapted for the colder season back to the standard summer tyres, which do not cope as well under the current conditions.

Class-one warnings (the least serious kind) remained in place for Värmland, Dalarna apart from the mountain areas, Örebro, Västmanland and Uppsala on Tuesday. Two to five centimetres of precipitation is expected, varying from snow to rain depending on how far south you go.

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