In pictures: The book showing Donald Trump what really happened ‘last night in Sweden’

In pictures: The book showing Donald Trump what really happened 'last night in Sweden'
One of the images from the new book which aims to show Donald Trump what happened 'last night in Sweden'. Photo: Lisa Thanner/Max Ström
The finished product from a photo project crowdfunded by a publisher in response to Donald Trump's "last night in Sweden" comments has been released, with the collection of images detailing the reality of Swedish life across the country.

In February Swedes were left scratching their heads when the US President suggested at a rally that an incident had taken place “last night in Sweden”. He later clarified that he was referring to a Fox News report which incorrectly implied crimes like rape had risen sharply in the country as a result of the 2015 refugee crisis.

Publisher Max Ström responded by launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce a book documenting day-to-day life in the Nordic nation, with the idea of sending a copy to Trump.

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The project was successfully funded, and the books have now been sent out, including one copy to the White House and others to Congress. The introduction to the book explains its focus:

“Sweden is almost always brought up in international contexts as a 'model' for something, whether positive or negative.”

“This books is a collection of images by Sweden's best documentary photographers. The assignment was to interpret 'last night in Sweden' in the spring of 2017, and the photographs have been sorted after the weekday they were taken. The pictures do not depict a paradise or a perfect society, but they are a response to the politicised image of Sweden as a country in crisis,” it continues.

Take a look at some of the images from the book in this gallery.