Stockholm eyes higher and expanded congestion charge

Stockholm eyes higher and expanded congestion charge
A congestion charge pay station on the Essingeleden motorway. Photo: Marcus Ericsson / TT
Stockholm city officials are considering an increase to motorists’ congestion charges in an effort to cut down on vehicle traffic.
Local news site Mitt i Stockholm reported that the Ministry of Finance has proposed four significant changes to the capital’s current congestion charge scheme that would take effect on January 1st, 2020. 
Under the proposed changes, fees would be required for all vehicles entering or exiting central Stockholm on weekdays during the hours of 6am to 6:29pm. This is a 30-minute extension of the fee period, which currently begins at 6:30am. 
Prices would also increase from the current 35 kronor to 45 kronor for those entering and exiting the inner city, while the price of passage on the Essingeleden motorway would increase from 30 kronor to 40 kronor. 
Stockholmers would also lose many of their exemption days under the proposal. Currently, the congestion fees are waived every July – a popular holiday month for Swedes – but the new plan calls for the charge to remain in effect for the first week of the month. Likewise, the plan would require motorists to pay the fee on currently-exempt holidays like Good Friday, Ascension Day and All Saints Day (Alla Helgons dag).
According to Mitt i Stockholm, city officials have said that they do not intend to oppose the proposal, but Mayor Karin Wanngård stressed that the increased revenues must go toward funding city infrastructure projects. 
Stockholm’s congestion charge has been in effect since 2007