Theresa May ‘living on borrowed time’: Sweden’s ex-PM Carl Bildt

Sweden's former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is not optimistic about Theresa May's future in government, according to comments he made to journalists in the US.

Theresa May 'living on borrowed time': Sweden’s ex-PM Carl Bildt
Sweden's former PM Carl Bildt (left) and British PM Theresa May. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT & Matt Dunham/AP

Newspaper Expressen followed Bildt on a recent trip across the Atlantic in his role as chairperson of European think-tank European Council on Foreign Relations. Among his stops were a visit to the Washington Post HQ in Washington DC.

There, he was quizzed on a range of subjects, including the state of play in several nations.

“The British government won't survive,” he noted when asked about the Conservative government in the UK.

And while Brexit negotiations are currently in the crunch stage, Bildt doesn't think British PM Theresa May will be taking charge of the UK's departure from the European Union in the long-run:

“She's living on borrowed time and is in a very weak position. It's very unlikely she'll be the person who completes the Brexit process.”

One person he does think will continue in his position is US President Donald Trump however, “and we shouldn't rule out him being re-elected”.

An active Twitter user, Bildt is never far away from the media spotlight in Sweden. He even indulged in a spot of photo-bombing in October, popping up behind Moderate youth politician Benjamin Dousa in a TV4 interview.

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