Sweden’s young voters see climate change and the environment as biggest issues

Sweden's young voters see climate change and the environment as biggest issues
Young voters in Sweden think the environment is the key issue. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Swedish voters aged between 18 and 29 see climate change and the environment as the most important political issues, according to a new survey commissioned by radio station Sveriges Radio.

Carried out by pollsters Novus, the survey showed that 14 percent of the 1,003 people who took part think climate change and the environment is the most important issue today. It was followed by school and education in second place, then immigration.

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What young people think is important, and what they think others judge to be important are two different questions however. A Swedish general election is on the horizon for 2018, and 57 percent of those polled said they think questions of immigration and integration will be the most important when Sweden decides its next government.

Only three percent think that school and education will be the most decisive, by comparison.

“No party should avoid environmental questions or the other issues young people think are important in the election. And as such it doesn’t have to be as disappointing as this poll suggests – that young people prioritize certain issues but believe that completely different issues will dominate the debate,” Education Minister and Green Party MP Gustav Fridolin told Sveriges Radio's P3 News.

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