Will Sweden have a white Christmas this year? Forecast points to… yes, no, maybe

If you want a white Christmas, you have to head north. At least according to the weather forecast.

Will Sweden have a white Christmas this year? Forecast points to... yes, no, maybe
Look, he's real! Photo: Carolina Romare/

Santa is likely to be unimpressed when he lands his sleigh in southern Sweden on Christmas Eve (December 24th, the main day of festivities). But if he – and the rest of you spending your Christmas in Sweden – keep going a few kilometres north of Stockholm the chances of snow will increase.

“The weather will be mild in the south, but further north the temperature will reach minus degrees and the ground will be snow-covered,” said Marcus Sjöstedt, meteorologist at weather agency SMHI.

Gothenburg can expect close to seven degrees above zero on Christmas Eve, while in the far north the mercury looks likely to drop to -10C or even -15C.

There is still snow around the Uppsala area, but temperatures are expected to rise between now and Christmas, so university students and other Uppsala residents should not get their hopes up.

The last time almost all of Sweden experienced a white Christmas at the same time was in 2010. Some areas have not had snow on December 24th at all since then, for example Lund in the south.

“It's not common to have snow on Christmas Eve in Sweden,” said Sjöstedt.