Roads closed and trains cancelled as storm Cora hits Sweden

Sweden's weather agency is urging people to stay inside as storm Cora swept into western Sweden on Sunday.

Roads closed and trains cancelled as storm Cora hits Sweden
All photos: TT
Sunday saw roads closed and trains cancelled in western Sweden as the storm hit southern Norrland after passing through Norway. 
National weather agency SMHI issued a class-2 warning, urging people to stay inside and to avoid driving if possible. A class two warning is the second most severe on the agency's three-tiered warning system. 
Motorists have been advised to postpone any road trips until Monday if possible, and if not, to bring extra food and warm clothes for the drive in case of lengthy delays.

The agency predicted winds of 24m/s to 28m/s in both Jämtland and Västernorrland.

SMHI warned that the strong winds would make it very difficult to even stand upright, urging skiers to stay off the mountains. It added that the winds could reach hurricane strength. 

Temperatures are expected to reach -8C. 

The area has seen heavy snowfall in recent days, with experts warning that the strong winds could also cause avalanche risks. 

The agency issued a less severe class-one warning for the southern reaches of Sweden, where storms are expected to pass through over the weekend.