Swedish burglar calls police after getting stuck

Swedish burglar calls police after getting stuck
The police were more than happy to oblige. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
A thief in Sweden ended up having to call the police for help, after getting his foot wedged inside a second-floor window as he tried to break into a nightclub.
The hapless burglar was apprehended by police at ten to four on Monday morning stuck half way inside the Villa Strömpis nightclub in the Swedish city of Örebro. 
“The police and rescue services raced to the scene and there it was apparent that he had been trying to break in, and now he has been arrested,” Jan-Åke Sjöström from the local police told the local Nerikes Allehanda newspaper. 
Albin Öhrn, the nightclub's manager, told The Local that the thief appeared to have got his body, hands and one of his legs inside the top floor room before catching the remaining foot in a part of the window which had been screwed tight. 
“We can see his handprints in the room, and one footprint,” he said. “We've still got his shoe here. It's really funny. He wasn't much of a thief, you might say.”

Nightclub manager Albin Öhrn shows off the thief's shoe. Photo: Private