Dancing lobster act voted out as Eurovision contender

Dancing lobster act voted out as Eurovision contender
TV gastronome Edward Blom backed on Saturday by cheese, cake and lobster. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
A dancing cake, a lobster doing somersaults, and a cheese. It’s probably for the best that celebrity chef Edward’s Blom’s Eurovision contender Livet på en Pinne (life on a stick) got voted out in the first stage of the contest on Saturday night.
The 47-year-old TV food historian and gastronome has vowed never again to enter the Melodifestivalen contest, which Sweden uses to decide its entry to the Eurovision song contest. 
“I can’t even sing! And to come fifth place in Melodifestivalen when you can’t even sing is just totally crazy,” Blom told the Aftonbladet newspaper after his performance on Saturday night in the city of Karlstad. 
“There won’t any more Melodifestivalen for me, that much I can probably promise!” 
Blom said that after a sleepless night, and a rehearsal on Friday in which he kept forgetting the words, he was relieved that his performance had gone as well as it had.
“I hit all the notes as best as I could. I even did the right moves with the fork,” he said. “For me, that all feels totally fantastic.” 
While Blom’s entry has been consigned to the history books, more conventional Eurovision entries went on to compete in the next stage in Gothenburg. 
Benjamin Ingrosso, is already a Melodifestivalen veteran at just 20 years' old, having won the children's version of the competition back in 2006, and got to fifth place in the final last year. His electro-pop song Dance you off was voted straight to the final. 
The other song to go straight to the final was My Turn by London-born singer John Lundvik. 
Lundvik has his breakthrough in 2010 when co-wrote ”When You Tell The World You’re Mine”, the official wedding song for Crown Princess Victoria. He  has since written songs for artists such as teen poppers Isac Elliot and Anton Ewald, and schlager star Sanna Nielsen. 
His song My Turn is partly about his own switch from songwriter to artist in his own right. 
All the Feels, by Tanzania-born Renaida Braun, and the oddly named Patrick Swayze by 
Sigrid Bernson, both go onto the next stage without automatically getting to the final. 
The Norwegian singer Heidi Musum, who goes by the stage name Kamferdrops, was also eliminated, as was the 65-year-old Swedish country and schlager singer Kikki Danielsson. 
Here's Blom's performance: 

Here's John Lundvik. 

And here's Benjamin Ingrosso.