VIDEO: Sweden’s Princess Victoria gives a running tour of her royal palace

VIDEO: Sweden's Princess Victoria gives a running tour of her royal palace
Princess Victoria begins in a huge hall fronted by pillars. Photo: Youtube/Upp och hoppa, Sverige!
Many of us take the stairs to get a mini work-out, but who has stairs like Crown Princess Victoria's?
A new video for Generation Pep, Victoria’s and Prince Daniel’s charity pushing children to lead more active lives, begins when a liveried footman interrupts Victoria working at a green baize desk under an oil painting of stormy seas. 
He bashes his stave on the floor in a ceremonial fashion. 
“Ah, is it time again?” Victoria says, looking at her watch. She then leaves the room and starts tripping up some stairs through a huge hall sided by columns, up towards the camera. 
Just as the viewer thinks she’s going to greet whoever’s behind it, she runs straight past and up another flight of stairs, and up another, and up another, and so on, giving the view a running tour of the palace. 
“The Crown Princess also has movement breaks when she’s sitting down,” the video’s tag line reads.
The video is the second the crown couple have recorded for Generation Pep, and its campaign “Upp och hoppa, Sverige!”, meaning “Get up and Jump, Sweden!” and follows last year's video showing Prince Daniel doing roly-polies in a park with five-year-old Princess Estelle. 
Victoria last year opened up about her teenage battle with anorexia in an interview held to mark her 40th birthday.