IN PICTURES: Ice fishing in Swedish Lapland

IN PICTURES: Ice fishing in Swedish Lapland
A man drills through the thick ice in Lycksele. Photo: Grahame Soden
Photographer Grahame Soden was on hand to capture the annual ice fishing competition in Lycksele, Swedish Lapland on March 11th.

Competitors battled it out for a 10,000 kronor ($1,200) prize on the ice, waiting patiently to try and nab the best catch.

Ice fishing, once a necessity in the winter time for those who wanted to survive colder climes, involves drilling an opening in a frozen body of water then dropping bait through a hook attached to a rod or hand line.

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Breaking through the ice itself is no simple task, and these days there are powered ice-borers to help in that process, though some purists still choose to use the old-fashioned manual form.

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