This is Swedes’ favourite minister: survey

This is Swedes' favourite minister: survey
Stefan Löfven and Margot Wallström. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT
With six months to go to Sweden's general election, a new poll shows how popular some of the government's ministers are.

Swedes' favourite minister is Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, the new survey by pollsters Novus suggested. A total of 44 percent rated their confidence in her as “very high” or “somewhat high”, compared to 28 percent who said they had very low or somewhat low confidence in her.

An outspoken figure both in Sweden and abroad, she is also one of the government's most well-known ministers, with only three percent of respondents saying they did not know who she was.

In second place came Prime Minister Stefan Löfven with 32 percent describing their confidence in him as very or somewhat high. However, the Social Democrat leader also proved to be a divisive figure, with 42 percent saying they had low confidence in him – a net score of -10 percent.

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From top left: Housing Minister Peter Eriksson, EU Minister Ann Linde, Deputy Finance Minister Per Bolund, Labour Minister Ylva Johansson, Enterprise Minister Mikael Damberg, Climate Minister Isabella Lövin, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist had a 28 percent confidence rating (net score 8 percent), followed by Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (26 percent; net score -10 percent) and Culture Minister and Green Party representative Alice Bah Kuhnke (23 percent; net score -19 percent).

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Bah Kuhnke's performance was a rare glimmer of light for otherwise struggling coalition partner the Greens, whose joint spokespeople Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin received the worst net score.

Only 10 percent said they had very or somewhat high confidence in Education Minister Fridolin, compared to 64 percent who described their confidence in him as very or somewhat low.

Climate Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Lövin meanwhile had a net score of -52 percent.

The survey was carried out by Novus between March 1st and 6th. It took in the opinions of 1,089 voters aged 18-79. Compare it to this poll carried out last year, measuring the ministers' popularity.