27 car pile-up in southern Sweden

Twenty-seven cars crashed on Saturday morning on the E22 motorway near Lund.

27 car pile-up in southern Sweden
The accident shut down the south-bound lanes of E22 near Lund for three hours. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
At least five people suffered injuries and nine separate vehicles had to be transported from the site. 
Most of the involved vehicles were passenger cars but at least one lorry was also part of the pile-up, Mattias Sköld from South Rescue Service told news agency TT. 
The five people taken to hospital were reported to have light injuries. One of the victims is a child. 
The accident occurred near the Gastelyckan area at just before 11am. The affected stretch of E22 was completely closed in the south-bound lanes for around three hours. 
A combination of hard winds and snowfall was blamed for the multi-vehicle crash. Other vehicle accidents in Skåne on Saturday morning were also attributed to the weather. 
“We urge all of those who need to get out and drive on the roads to maintain low speeds and keep your distance from other vehicles in order to avoid accidents,” Sköld told broadcaster SVT.