French tourists found after going missing in Swedish mountains

French tourists found after going missing in Swedish mountains
Kebnekaise mountain station. Photo: Hans Olof Utsi/TT
Police mountain rescue teams searched in poor weather for six tourists reported missing in the mountains in the north of the country.

The group of French tourists were reported missing at 9pm on Sunday when they did not reach Kebnekaise mountain station after departing Nikkaluokta at lunchtime.

Police searched through the night on snowmobiles, but the weather was too poor to use a helicopter. On Friday morning a police helicopter and two Armed Forces helicopters were used to search for the group.

Shortly after 10am police said the six tourists had been found safe and well. Four of them were found in the mountains and two at Nikkaluokta.

“We still don't know how they spent the night or what happened,” police spokesperson Marie Jakobsson told TT.

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Weather agency SMHI has a class one warning in place for high winds and downpour in the northern Lapland mountains. The temperature was around -10C during the night, while the winds are expected to slow over the day.

It is not clear how well equipped and experienced the missing people were.

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