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Nobel prize winner Professor Michael Morris Rosbash visits Örebro University

Nobel prize winner Professor Michael Morris Rosbash visits Örebro University
MA student Loureen Oduor meets Nobel prize winners Michael Rosbash and Michael Young.
SI News hears from NFGL Local Network Örebro member Loureen Oduor about her experience meeting the Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine when he visited Örebro University.

Life in Sweden has been exciting. It’s a whole new world for me, a world I am loving and appreciating more each day, from the very cold winters to the supportive classmates and faculty staff at the university. 

But my most remarkable experience has been meeting the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Professor Michael Morris Rosbash from Brandeis University and Michael Warren Young from the Rockefeller University, at Örebro University.

The Nobel Prize is given annually in recognition of outstanding findings in fields of life sciences and medicine.

They gave presentations on the discovery of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm which, together with Professor Jeffrey Cannor Hall of Brandeis University, won them the 2017 Nobel Prize. 

Every researcher strives to undertake a study which could improve health and the quality of life of every human being. Hence, it was a great opportunity for me, as an upcoming researcher pursuing a master’s degree in Innate Immunity in Health and Disease, to meet, interview and interact with such accomplished researchers.

When I asked Professor Michael Rosbash what advice he had for younger researchers seeking inspiration, he said to me: “Do what you love, nobody can guarantee an impact, but there is a lot of luck involved along the way when you give your best doing what you love.”