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PODCAST: A Woman’s Place episode four. ‘Denise, Paula, and the naked Swedes’.

PODCAST: A Woman's Place episode four. 'Denise, Paula, and the naked Swedes'.
Pictured: Denise (left), Samanda (centre), Paula (right).
"Just as there is a pay gap, there is an orgasm gap. Why aren’t we talking about that?"

When it comes to taboo topics, this week's guests don't hold back.

Host Samanda Ekman is joined by Irish author Denise Conway who moved to Stockholm for love in 2011…only to split up with her partner two days later.

She decided to stay and, in the six years since, has made the career transition from head of sales at clean-tech company Climeon to soon-to-be-published author. Her book The Flower Empowered tackles pelvic floor dysfunction, a chronic, uncomfortable and distressing condition suffered by millions of women around the world.

Her fellow guest, Venezuelan textile designer Paula Maso, watches from afar as her home country continues to be ravaged by an ongoing political and socioeconomic crisis. Paula recalls growing up in Venezuela, the shocking gift her female friends received for their 15th birthdays, and why moving to Stockholm has given her the freedom to live her life the way she wants.

Together with Samanda, Denise and Paula discuss unrealistic beauty standards, period art, and why Stockholm is a great place to lay women's issues bare. 

Listen to episode four of A Woman's Place to find out why the straight-talking guests firmly believe that in Stockholm “you're a human beyond your gender”.

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The wonderful music at the start and end of the podcast is called Lions and was composed by the all-female Stockholm-based band REIGN. Check them out on Instagram.

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