Swedish woman killed in Norway Base jumping accident

A 30-year-old Swedish woman has died attempting a Base jump off Norway’s 800m Katthammaren precipice.

Swedish woman killed in Norway Base jumping accident
Katthammaren is advertised by the local Møre og Romsdal county as a base jumping location. Photo: Møre og Romsdal County
The woman was on holiday with two other Swedes in Norway’s Eikesdalen valley when the parachute accident happened. 
“The jump didn’t go as it should have and she fell from 800m,” Erik Mikalsen, from the local Romsdal police, told Sweden’s Expressen newspaper. “We are in the process of investigating the reason for the accident.” 
The emergency services were called at around 5pm on Saturday, but a rescue tea did not manage to get down to the woman’s body until four hours later, because difficult terrain made it impossible for an ambulance helicopter to land close to the woman. 
“We sent down climbers so we could carry her back,” Mikalsen said. 
The woman was flown to hospital in Molde where she was confirmed dead at around 10pm. 
Base jumping, sometimes written BASE jumping or B.A.S.E jumping, is parachuting or flying with a wing suit from a high building or cliff. The word is an acronym standing for  Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth (a cliff), the four categories of object from which it is permitted to jump. 
Katthammaren’s spectacular surroundings and towering, sharp precipice have made it a popular site for Base jumping enthusiasts, who have uploaded a large number of videos up on YouTube. 
In 2009, 49 jumpers set what was then the world Base jumping record by leaping simultaneously from the cliff.  In 2016 another foreign Base jumper died in an accident at the site. 

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