‘I am being Swedish, expecting to lose but hoping to win’: Swedes on their World Cup hopes v Mexico

'I am being Swedish, expecting to lose but hoping to win': Swedes on their World Cup hopes v Mexico
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It's the moment of truth for Sweden at the World Cup, with 90 minutes against Mexico to decide if they progress to the knockout round, or pack their bags for home. The Local contributors Gaïa Jouan and Andrew Peacock took to the streets of Stockholm to see how Swedes are feeling about their World Cup hopes.

How confident are you that Sweden can beat Mexico this afternoon and guarantee their progression?

“I think we will win! Come on Sweden! We were not supposed to go this far so let’s keep hoping!” Albin, the most optimistic of the fans says.

“80% Sweden will beat Mexico today,” Sophia says more cautiously.

“I think Sweden’s gonna try our best but Mexico is strong. I hope they will win. Today's going to be a happy day or a huge disappointment,” Mio explains.

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“I'm not sure if I'm being unpatriotic but not very sure at all. It could definitely go either way. I guess I am being Swedish expecting them to lose but hoping and cheering for them to win!” Juhon notes, summing up the mood of many.

“Not confident. No I’m not confident. Mexico is not that good, but we don't score,” Emily warns.

How do you feel about the German coaches celebrating in Sweden’s face at the end of the Germany win?

“It made me quite angry,” confesses Josefine. “It was like college students after a playground game.”

“I think Germany need to relax, it's only a game” Albin advises. “And we could talk about the penalty that they did not award…” he adds.

“It was really rotten, seeing the video of it was waaayyy out of line. Something you learned already in little league soccer at the age of six that you shouldn't do,” Juhon remarks.

“It is not okay. No way. It's poor sportsmanship,” Sophia bemoans.

If today is the end for Sweden, how would you rate their World Cup overall?

“So far I'm impressed by their performance. They done okay against South Korea and fantastic against Germany, having them on the ropes until the last seconds was brilliant. The Swedish team has their best chance of getting back at Germany by winning against Mexico and knocking them out of the tournament. That would be the quiet Swedish way of getting back at them,” Juhon observes.

“Just being in the championships for this small country is quite good,” Sophia observes.

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“I didn't even think we would come this far. I didn’t think that we would come to the next level, so I’m not going to cry,” claims Emily.

What's your prediction for the score?

Sweden to win 1-0 (Albin)

Sweden to win 2-1 (Sophia)

Mexico to win 2-1 (Juhon and Maria)

A draw (Emily and Josefine)

Reporting by Gaïa Jouan and Andrew Peacock.

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