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PODCAST: A Woman’s Place at Almedalen Week

PODCAST: A Woman's Place at Almedalen Week
Photo: Christer Modig (top left), Agnes Björn (top right), Ann-Sofie Olsson (bottom right), Margareta Neld (bottom left)
"If you just have an organisation with white men, it's going to be very boring."

So declares Christer Modig, VP Radio of Nordic Entertainment Group, during an interview with The Local's Sophie Miskiw at Almedalen Week 2018. Gender equality was a recurring theme throughout the week-long event which takes place annually in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland.

This special episode includes a series of interviews with some of the people who are continually working to make sure Stockholm is, and remains, A Woman's Place.

Entrepreneur and investor Margareta Neld and public relations expert Ann-Sofie Olson are two of the three founders of Asynjor Invest, a platform which educates women in investing so they can gain more control over their capital. The pair discuss how the platform operates and explain why Stockholm is the perfect place to launch such a venture.

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Plan International is a charity that advances equality for girls around the world. Sophie speaks with Agnes Björn, acting program director at Plan International Sweden, to get a better idea of what the organisation is doing to support young girls in conflict zones.

If we learned one thing from the #MeToo campaign, it’s that for real change to happen men have a big role to play. Particularly men in senior positions who have the power to instigate that change. One seminar at this year's Almedalen Week discussed just this issue. 'Women say #MeToo, what do the men say?' was organised by cooperative housing federation HSB Göteborg and included speakers from companies such as Volvo, the Swedish police, and Chalmers University of Technology. Also on the stage was the CEO of HSB Göteborg Lars Göran Andersson who joined Sophie for a chat following the seminar.

Find out what makes Stockholm 'A Woman's Place'

Christer Modig is a veteran of MTG, Sweden’s leading international entertainment group, and spent over seven years as the CEO of MTG Radio. He found a few minutes during the busy week to explain to Sophie what MTG is doing to ensure the company is, and continues to be, a place where both men and women can work free from discrimination.

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The original music at the start and end of the podcast is called Lions and was composed by the all-female Stockholm-based band REIGN. Check them out on Instagram.

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