MAP: How much tax do you pay in your town in Sweden?

MAP: How much tax do you pay in your town in Sweden?
Would you pay less or more tax if you lived elsewhere in Sweden? Check out this map to find out. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT (modified by The Local)
Where you live determines how much tax you pay in Sweden. Check out The Local's map to see which areas have the highest – and lowest – tax rates.

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Your total local tax rate consists of two parts: the tax you pay to the municipality (kommun) where you live and the region (landsting). So if you for example live in Malmö, your taxes go to Malmö City Council and is used to fund for example schools and roads and Region Skåne, which is responsible for for example healthcare.

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National income tax is only paid on annual income over a certain amount – this is adjusted slightly each year and is currently 455,300 kronor (approximately $50,000, but due to deduction rules you actually only pay national income tax if you earn more than 494,300 kronor a year).


Local tax on the other hand is paid on all annual income over 19,247 kronor (according to 2018 rates).

The average local tax rate is 32.12 percent. However, it varies by around five percentage points depending on where you live – click on your municipality in Sweden on the map below to find out YOUR local tax rate.

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