These Swedish occupations have the highest share of foreign-born workers

These Swedish occupations have the highest share of foreign-born workers
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If you order a pizza in Sweden, the overwhelming odds are that your pie will be made by someone born outside of the country.
Newly-released 2017 workforce statistics from the Swedish Occupational Register showed that 79 percent of all pizza makers and fast food preparers in the country are not originally from Sweden, making it the occupation with the highest percentage of foreign-born workers in the nation. The pizza business also has the highest concentration of foreign-born males at 88 percent. 
According to the figures, foreign-born workers account for only 17 percent of the overall Swedish workforce but are over-represented in a number of professions. Over two-thirds of all maids, nannies and related workers are foreign-born, while 59 percent of all translators, interpreters and other linguists were born outside of Sweden. 
Foreigners also account for 57 percent of the nation’s cleaning staff and 51 percent of all PhD students. 
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In addition to revealing the overrepresentation of foreigners in some professions, the statistics also showed some stark gender differences. The most common occupation in the country as a whole in 2017 was the category of ‘assistant nurses, personal care, home care and elderly care’, in which women accounted for 92 percent of all jobs. The most common male occupation was commercial sales representative, with men accounting for 73 percent of the total. 
There was better gender balance to be found in managerial positions. In this category, which excluded senior officials, CEOs and politicians, 60 percent were men and 40 percent were women. But even within the managerial sphere, there were significant gender differences. For instance, 93 percent of pre-school managers are female, while 91 percent of construction and mining production managers are male. 
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“Taking account of the underlying gender balance among employees in each industry when looking at gender balance among managers shows an uneven gender balance in all except three industries,” Statistics Sweden wrote, pointing to the categories of restaurant managers, finance managers, and information, communication and PR managers. 
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