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ROAD TRIP: These are Sweden’s best rest stops

Sweden's size and generally well-maintained roads make it ideal for car journeys. But where are the best places to stop for a rest and toilet break along the way?

ROAD TRIP: These are Sweden's best rest stops
Make sure you take plenty of breaks along the way. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Motormännen, an organization for car owners in Sweden, reviewed around 250 rest stops across Sweden and has now released a list of the top rest and service area in each county, based on its 2018 review.

It picked the rest stops based on several factors, including security, toilets, playgrounds for any children in the backseat, signposting, walking paths for drivers who want to stretch their legs, and overall cleanliness.

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As drivers take to the road to enjoy their long summer holidays in Sweden, the organization is about to get this year's review of rest stops under way. But for now, here's the 2018 list, county by county:

Blekinge: Senoren

Dalarna: Långsjön

Gotland: Träffpunkt Gotland

Gävleborg: Högbacka

Halland: Susedalen, northbound

Jämtland: Gimån

Jönköping: Gyllene Uttern

Kalmar: Långsjön

Kronoberg: Fräjen

Norrbotten: Polcirkeln-Silvervägen

Skåne: Ekerödsrasten

Stockholm/Uppsala: Tärnsjö

Södermanland: Råbyhed

Värmland: Hänsjön

Västerbotten: Vojmån

Västernorrland: Mosjön

Västmanland: Högsjön

Västra Götaland: Boråstorpet

Örebro: Sickelsta (east)

Östergötland: Herrbeta

There are around 350 official rest stops in Sweden, maintained by the Transport Administration. You can find a map of all of them here.

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